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We've Always Done It This Way

We're opening a studio!!!

But it's unlike any other!

After several years in the Yoga trade, I started to notice a trend. All the studios did the same thing. Same system for payroll and check-ins, same way of scheduling, same way of paying the teachers, same classes and structure. I felt like this left a lot of room for growth. I started thinking about how we use spaces. Consider weddings. You rent the space you need for the time you need it for a set fee. If you go over, you pay more. If you don't clean, you pay more or you don't get your deposit back. Same with damage. Mess up the walls in your drunken Macarena and you are not getting that deposit. Then one day, one of my students was chatting about how she was going to rent some space in a local beauty salon and a bomb went off!!

I got it!! A whole new model for Yoga studios!!! A collaborative, cooperative that empowers all teachers to grow! A YOGA COLLECTIVE!!!! This way a yoga teacher ACTUALLY can make a full or part time LIVING off of their precious time and hard work. Within the Yoga Collective, we empower yoga teachers and other wellness professionals to operate their own businesses with our support. Want to teach Hot Yoga on Skates? DO IT! This format allows you to express the visionary in you. You pay the rental fee and it's naked Zumba time!!!

Another great aspect of this model is the weight of advertising that it takes off the studio owner. In our case the studio owner commits to a certain amount of advertising per week and for workshops within a contract. This gives almost complete control to driving business to the teacher. Like small classes? Advertise less. Want packed out studios? Better get your hustle going!

Speaking of contracts...

Even though this model does not require a 1099 or the teacher to be an independent contractor, a contract between the studio and the teacher is always a good idea. Basing it off my independent contractor contract it was easy to set up. I just added guidelines, expectations and rules. A fence makes for good neighbors.

In case you are not into the marketing, social media and time spent online, we have a plan here for you too! We have a great $ per plus plan just for you! We will market your classes per the contract and cut you a check every month! Easy!

The best thing about the Yoga Collective at Yoga By You is the availability of varied class choices, workshops, trainings and specialty healing modalities. Each teacher in the Collective has different skill sets and valuable training to share with the community. There is no studio owner agenda or modality being driven, no goal of max students, no restrictions or permissions on planning, autonomy of class structure, naming and teaching on their time.

Check out and see if you align! Have a favorite teacher? Let them know we are sharing space! Are you a teacher that needs to align with what you are teaching in your way and time? Send me an email!!

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