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My Vision

It's not enough for me to just teach asana (poses) I have to teach every level of Yoga to EveryBODY. There can be no other way. -Vanessa Murray

Yoga By You Studio's vision is to offer a space for individuals to flourish and for community members to gather together. We offer services that promote a mind-body-spirit connection such as all teachers being trained as trauma-informed and trauma sensitive, teacher trained safe place for all bodies, ethnicities and sexualities, donation-based movement & meditation classes with mats and props supplied at no charge, workshops & trainings with financial aid, healing arts services, local artwork, kids and teens afterschool programs and affordable pre-loved wearables.

We also provide opportunities for community members to volunteer and to serve both our immediate community and the larger community as a means to uplift themselves and others on their path to wellness.


Yoga By You offers an inclusive schedule to be able to serve a diverse population so that everyone in our community has access to the benefits of a yoga practice.

We believe that practicing yoga regularly greatly enhances a person’s physical, mental and spiritual health. This produces a powerful ripple effect, which radiates through the surrounding family, community, and workforce in ways that positively influence everyone. Yoga By You Studio in Niceville is a place where people come together and support one another in their goals toward a healthier lifestyle.

What Makes Us Different?

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Trauma-Informed and Sensitive Classes

Trauma, according to the American Psychological Association, is an autonomic-nervous system response to a life threatening accident or attack, long term abuse, or a natural disaster. Trauma overwhelm can result in a variety of responses including disconnection from our bodies and a sense of remaining stuck in the events of the past. While these feelings are normal, trauma survivors may have difficulty moving on with their lives. In response to trauma, our body often remembers what our mind may be trying to forget. The practice of yoga has been shown to help heal this kind of mind/body disconnection.

At Yoga By You every teacher is trained in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY). TSY teachers teach under the assumption that every student is a potential trauma survivor. The main objectives in trauma sensitive yoga are for us to use yoga forms as opportunities to notice what we feel in our bodies and to practice making choices about what to do with our bodies.

No experience necessary.

We strive to make the classes accessible to everybody regardless of physical ability. Trauma-sensitive yoga is a way for us to safely experiment with having a body.

Our classes are set up so that students are in control over what they are doing with their body at all times and the facilitator is there to provide safe, professional guidance helping students focus on particular dynamics (what muscles they are using, what it feels like to have their feet on the ground, what it feels like to breathe, etc.).

Owner of Yoga By You and author of the book, "Spreading Healing, A Holistic Approach to Healing Trauma Through Yoga for Yoga Teachers"

Vanessa Murray is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist who teaches the teacher how to best hold space for trauma survivors. You can also book private Spreading Healing yoga classes with Vanessa to help you gain valuable tools to move through your specific trauma.

Focus on Mother Earth

Yoga By You is focused on cleaning up Mother Earth with sustainable practices and ecologically sound choices. From chemical free paint and cleaning supplies to recycled toilet paper. We believe in the mantra reuse, reduce, recycle, renew and redesign. We shop used, upcycle and barter to keep more waste out of landfills. We plant pollinator gardens and raise bees to help the Earth keep growing! Check out our partner EkaEarth.Com for good works in the community!

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