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200 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

Namaste and Thank You

First and foremost, let me thank you.

Thank you for your courage to embark on the journey with me down the Yogic path.

Yoga has been handed down verbally from teacher “guru” to students for thousands of years. Although today we have formal teacher training programs we still believe in the tradition of mentoring. In our culture today there are silent epidemics of unhealthiness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, trauma and lack of self-love. As yoga teachers our mission is to eradicate these, and through your training to teach yoga and mindfulness, you will be better equipped to contribute to the work in the world around you. We exist to help people reconnect with themselves, with each other, to live with purpose, joy, awe and kindness. I am dedicated to providing an affordable, diverse educational experience that focuses on the foundations of teaching yoga while supporting the participant in finding their own voice and style as a yoga teacher. I am excited to have you in the program and know that you will learn and grow from this, not only as a yoga teacher but as a student of yoga.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, but I am telling you it’s going to be worth it...

This program is much more than learning to teach the poses. YTT is a process, not a means to an end. It is intended to take you into your inner voice a little (or a lot) and then show how the practice can support your growth and unfolding. The only way you can really inspire others to go deep into their practice and inner voice, is to first have experienced it directly. In YTT you are the scientist AND the test subject. Your mat and the studio are your laboratory.

I want you to be curious. I want you to seek understanding but be aware that sometimes we just have to marinate in the knowledge we are attaining. Yoga is a system. And it’s a system that works whether you know what you are doing or not. Trust that you will hear what you need to hear, and what you are ready to understand when you need to. Take it all in.

Thank you for traveling with me down the Yogic path.


Vanessa Murray

Owner-Yoga By You Studio

Savage Unicorn Yoga LLC

Walk the Yogic Path with Us!

Thank you for your courage! We will get back to you soon!!!

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