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200 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

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Registered Training You Can Trust!

Join us for our next Journey Within-200 hour Yoga teacher training program.

In this training we will explore many modalities of Yoga through an anatomy-informed alignment system. You will learn modifications, assists, adjustments and adaptations for ALL BODIES, including special populations such as military, trauma survivors, seniors and those with injuries. Our therapeutic perspective explores Yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health, personal empowerment and total well-being. We combine modern-day biomechanics and research-driven science with ancient teachings. You will leave with an understanding of anatomy, alignment, and modifications to keep your body safe for a lifetime of practice.

Our non-dogmatic approach explores Yoga philosophy as a practice of radical self-love uncovering perspectives that encourage body positivity, unconditional acceptance, personal empowerment, and true mind-body-spirit health and wellness.

Graduates of this program are prepared to teach a variety of yoga class types, including all levels of Vinyasa yoga, alignment based, Restorative, Yin and more!

Journey Within 200 Hour YTT Application

Thanks for contacting us! We'll get back to you soon. Applying on website does not constitute acceptance into program.

Are You A Military Spouse?

Have you ever wanted a career that you can take to every duty station that will earn you income?

MYCAA is a workforce development program that provides up to $4000 In financial assistance to eligible military spouses for the pursuit or maintenance (including continuing education courses) of a license, certification, or associate's degree necessary to gain employment in an occupation or career field. Yoga By You is a MYCAA approved school! Our Therapeutic 200hour yoga teacher training starts in September!

Join us! Sign up today!

Here's what our graduates have to say!

"I have loved practicing yoga since I was 14 - something about the feeling that would wash over my body at the end of a class kept me coming back for more. Little did I know that yoga would prove to be one of the most consistent tools throughout my life. No matter what was going on in my world; good or bad - yoga always had a way of calling me back to it. I was new to the area and fresh out of the Marine Corps when I signed up to take one of Vanessa's classes - at the end of the class laying in a childs pose I remember looking over and seeing three signs hanging on the wall that stated "Mind. Body. Soul.". In that moment it felt like a nudge from the universe to pursue teaching yoga. An idea that lived in my mind for years but "due to life" the opportunity never seemed to present itself. It's funny though isn't it that some of the things that excite our soul the most we often times find a way to talk ourselves out of doing? I took the leap and signed up for the 200 hour teacher training with Vanessa. The experience was wonderful and just what I was looking for! I especially loved the focus on being trauma informed - learning about trauma, its effects on the body, mind, and soul. And how to provide a safe place for students to grow and heal. This training also put an emphasis on providing and teaching yoga to everyBODY! It was so important to me that yoga be accessible to all. The training truly helped me access my authentic self, meet friends and foster a sense of community, and find my voice as a yoga teacher. I learned so much - deepened my own practice and felt truly guided on my path to helping others! I can't recommend the training enough! Life changing." -Bridget York


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