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It takes work

One of the statements I hear the most in my yoga classes is, "I felt like you were talking just to me". With themes like, be your own cheerleader, choosing happiness, embracing change, the one you feed, stop stealing from yourself and more like this, it's no wonder. Sometimes we don't know what we need to work on until it gets pointed out to us or we hit the bottom. Divorces, deaths, abuse, trauma and unresolved feelings choke us to death. We want to be happy but we just don't know how to achieve it. What if I told you that happiness is right in front of you but you have to work to get it. It is a daily practice. But here are some ways to get started:

  1. Before you put one foot on the floor in the morning, be grateful for the breath in your body. The universe decided you get another day to have a heart beating in your chest. Be thankful.

  2. When you stand in front of the mirror to brush your teeth, fix your hair or just stand in front of it looking at yourself; find something positive. Look and find something to be proud of yourself. Or just smile.

  3. Plan a day to knock out some of your to-do list. Finishing projects or organizing can give you a sense of completion

  4. Evaluate your life. Write a list of areas you most want to improve. Then, take the top 3 and write steps on how you can get there. Then take the top one off your list and start on it. It's a practice. One step at a time.

  5. Eat healthy and exercise. Staying stagnant only leads to depression.

So, let's start with those five and if they work for you, let me know! Comment below on issues that you are trying to tackle!

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