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Run Naked In The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!!!

Let's start with an astronomy lesson: The moon moves through 8 different phases in a month and, when it’s a full moon, it looks like a big, round ball in the sky. A lunar eclipse, meanwhile, is what happens when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun. The Full Moon for this July is called the Buck Moon. It is called that because the bucks antlers are usually full grown at this time of year. It is also called the Thunderstorm Moon, well, because of thunderstorms this time of year.

Onward to the astrology side!!! Because this is a full moon lunar eclipse, the universe is shouting at you to STOP!!!! Lunar Eclipse's mean ending (Solar eclipse=beginning) this is a time in our lives where we slam down the pause button and start to take inventory of what we really have going on in our lives. One of my favorite sayings in my yoga classes is; Inhale confidence, exhale everything and one that does not EVOLVE you. How many of your partners, spouses, lovers, friends, family or coworkers are really just fucking up your positive life vibe? This is the time to cut them loose! Unfriend, unfollow and unfuck your life from these Karen's who just cant seem to get it together. How long are you going to drag their victim mentalities along with you? It's a great time to focus on those friends who always have your back. They are your ride or die homies that will not leave you hanging and help you hide the bodies.

This luminary is taking place in the earth sign Capricorn which deals with themes of power, authority, tradition, and the institution. This could indicate an overall anti-establishment, foundation-shaking energy — on a societal level as well as a personal one. Because we don't have that going on already!

But wait! Three other signs are going to feel it!!! Aries: With the full moon blowing up your house of public recognition this weekend, you're stepping back to look at your current trajectory from an outsider's perspective. Gemini: This eclipse might feel like falling apart on a cellular level, but it will also serve as the catalyst for immense healing and rebirth. And finally, Pisces! This eclipse is going to make you want to cut and run, but try to stay grounded. Get in the garden, head to the beach or focus on a strict meditation practice!

This moon happens on July 4th late in the evening, so this holiday is a great time to put out your crystals and charge that moon water. Mercury retrograde, Mars, and Uranus will bring the unexpected to light and create an intense vibe for us all. Expect big revelations and indiscretions to come to out in the open. This may happen on a personal level, or a public one. We have been watching it build here and it is not going to be pretty when it falls out.

Finally, this eclipse is conjunct asteroid Vesta which reinforces the theme of domestic harmony. Vesta was the Roman virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family. With the Moon, Vesta brings emotional security through dedication. It indicates a fertile nature, both physically and mentally. There can exist a devotion to one’s family or a strong desire to care for others.It can also give a free and open attitude about sex. Run naked in the Full Moon!!!!

So full moon July 2020 is a fortunate lunar eclipse. It is good for resolving relationship problems and making new friends. Your family life should involve lots of pats on the back and support in areas you need it the most. And you should have more personal freedom to try something new, from discovering your creativity or starting a new business venture.

Join me on Sunday 7/5 at 830 pm at Lions Park Niceville for an awesome slow flow under the moon. I will have fresh Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse Water, Intention bags, Moonstone necklaces and tumbled moonstone infused with the energy of the moon.

But don't forget....RUN NAKED IN THE FULL MOON!!!

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