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Ahimsa is Recycling, Reducing, Reusing, Remaking...

When I started planning for the new studio, I looked at everything I could to be sustainable, eco-conscious and upcycle. And wow. It is REALLY EXPENSIVE to take care of the planet. Where I was shopping the least gallon of paint $15. But no options for chemical or VOC reduction. (Volatile Organic Compounds) So I went to a local stand alone...we will call it Merlin Twillins, and I found it! A paint we will call Melody that "has a zero VOC formula and is GreenGold Certified" I. Had. To. Have. It!!!!!!!

Then I looked at the price. $72!!!!!!!!! For my new 1200 sq ft studio I would need 3!!!!!

$226 for just paint!!!!! Thankfully I have a contractor cousin that is willing to help me out! That's still going to leave a dent in my budget.

Why is it so important? I feel like taking care of our planet is part of practicing the

Yamas & Niyamas. They are powerful intrinsic motivators for adopting a sustainable & eco-conscious lifestyle. It's practicing yoga for sustainability.

Ahimsa in the Yamas means non-harming. Himsa or harm to other beings, sentient or non-sentient, can generally happen at three levels – through our actions, words, and even thoughts or at the level of intention. But our lives today are so interconnected that even a simple purchase we make at the supermarket often comes at a huge environmental cost and could inflict harm on beings in other parts of the world. Though we may not directly engage in causing violence, some questions for reflection and introspection would be: Does our lifestyle cause harm to other living beings? Does our seemingly harmless consumption choices cause violence elsewhere in another part of the world?

Saucha in the Niyamas means cleanliness and purity. The yogic definition of saucha goes well beyond just maintaining cleanliness ‘outside’ and extends to keeping one’s body free from dirt, keeping one’s surroundings clean and having uplifting thoughts and ideas in the mind. To keep a space clean would require constant work and mindfulness. Even simple decluttering our room or living spaces brings back the focus on core essentials and helps us maintain them well, instead of creating a longing for newer ones.

What are some things that you could do that are super easy? I've compiled a list that will be practiced in the new studio and can be in your home! Click the pic to take you right to the order page!!

  • Buy recycled paper goods to replace your-toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates etc. I like these from Target...

  • Then replace those with recycled plates that are wash and use! Like these from Walmart for only $1.98!

  • Use chemical free cleaners, soaps, hand wash, laundry detergent etc. Anything that you can reduce putting more chemicals back into our water supply.

  • Then replace those with your own made from natural ingredients and essentials oils! I looooove this glass spray!

  • Then replace all of that with Norwex! Norwex cloths are eco-friendly, reusable, and allow you to clean without chemicals. They're great for daily cleaning, and you can use them on pretty much any surface. They are designed to trap and remove bacteria, but they don't kill it. Did I mention you can clean without sprays??? Wet window and use this towel dry for sparkling clean windows! Click to meet Nicole, my Norwex rep and you can use SPRING10 until the 25th for a 10% discount!!

  • Save all amazon, UPS, FedEx and USPS mailers and reuse! Great for Mercari stores! Don't know Mercari? It's a place where you can buy anything new, used or lightly worn! And you can sell your same items! Check it out and I'll give you up to $30 for signing up!!!

  • Repurpose toilet paper rolls to bird feeders by rolling in peanut butter then in seed! Hang!

  • STOP USING PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES!! Use a reusable drink bottle with water filter! Then you can fill from the tap and not worry! I got this one from hubby for India and it worked great!!!

There are tons more things you can do to ensure we all live on a happy Earth. Some more things we will do in the Yoga By You Studio are:

  • Use essential oil air fresheners in bathroom and in diffusers! (I can't wait until you smell the signature studio blend!)

  • Use a wall mount hand dryer to avoid extra waste.

  • Not use paper flyers to announce events! We will use electronic and social media!

  • We will use washcloths to clean mats that are bought second hand from the local thrift store!

  • Recycled and compostable trash bags

  • We will have a Resell Swap day! We will get together our gently used yoga clothes, mats and props to swap with other students! Resale of leftovers will go to students who cannot afford classes! Clean Resell items will always be on hand to purchase in case you forgot something at home!

  • We will sell from locals artisans soaps, sprays, rollers, jewelry, decor and more that are upcycled or handmade with natural ingredients!

What can you do??????

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