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Sun Salutations and why they are not evil

I recently read a sermon from a pastor, that shall not be named because negative attention is still attention, he stated that yoga was "created with demonic intent to open you up to demonic power because Hinduism is demonic." It really is unfortunate that he didn't do his fact finding before he spoke out about the thousands year old practice. I found it interesting that someone from a church could teach such divisiveness. Hippies are always spreading love, so why is this pastor spreading incorrect information? Fear and lack of information. It's fair to say that yoga can be part of a religion, but that is not all inclusive. You can not practice Hinduism and still love some down dog. Many yoga teachers and practitioners believe that yoga transcends religion. It brings a sense of community and love. In fact, many yoga teachers do not even teach yogic practice in their classes but only lead you through the asanas (poses), but that's another blog. In this same conversation this pastor stated that "Yoga is diametrically opposed to Christianity, and is based on pagan idolatry". I feel sad for this guy that he can pastor a church and not know that the Christian holidays he celebrates pre-date Christianity. So, when and how did ancient Rome begin to call these pagan customs “Christian”?The Encyclopedia Britannica (does anyone remember these heavy suckers?) holds the answers: “Christmas observance started at Rome about BCE 336. In Roman times, festivals of Isis or Osiris [of Egypt] were held on December 25. In the religion of Sol [sun god of Babylon] festivals were determined by astronomy. The greatest festival was held on December 24-25, the time of the winter solstice; it was regarded as the day of the rebirth of the sun, and the renovation of life. The rebirth of the sun. But, in different followings there are different beliefs. Interestingly, texts of Hatha (Hatha is translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.”) yoga, make no mention of a dynamic sequence or asanas relating to the sun. In these texts there are various practices relating to the “sun” as the internal sun, located in the abdomen. Manipura or your solar plexus chakra where your strength and power emanate. Hatha Yoga traces its origins especially to Gorakhnath, the legendary 11th-century founder of the Kanphata Yogis, but it grew out of yogic traditions dating back at least as far as Patanjali (2nd century BCE or 5th century CE), author of the Hindu classics the Yoga-Sutras and the Mahabhasya (“Great Commentary”). Many years later a form of the Sun Salutations that were used by Hindus were incorporated into the Hatha asana practice. So no, hate spreading pastor man, Sun Salutations are not any more evil than reading banned books. What is your intent, is what I ask my students. Is it to breathe, connect, let go or just flow in the asanas? I have never had any one say to me, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!! Unless they were singing old Motley Crue.

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