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Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Are You Ready To Heal?

  • 1 h
  • Price varies
  • Private Healing Room

What's it about?

The psychedelic journey through altered states of consciousness can impact users of psychedelics across all aspects of human life: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and environmentally. You can utilize psychedelics as tools of psychological healing, spiritual growth, physical rejuvenation and life optimization in a safe, effective and sustainable manner with a Psychedelic Integration Coach. Your MAPS trained coach will guide and invite in processes such as: -Rebalance into ordinary states of being: before, after and in between experiences -Reflection upon psychedelic insights and the ways they relate to and effect one’s life -Release of stale habits, stories, paradigms, trauma, blockages, sabotaging thoughts -Recreation of one’s life in ways that align with the gained knowledge *Must have legal therapeutic dosage from medical provider or organization. PICoach does not provide psychedelic's or any substance for journey.

Contact Details

  • 1605 Partin Drive North, Niceville, FL, USA


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