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WHY Try Aerial Trapeze Yoga?!!

Aside from the fun, there are benefits for the inversion aspect of the hammocks and moves. Some say that trapeze yoga helps to better the mind as well as the muscles of the body. Incorporating a yoga trapeze can help benefit the novice of yogi’s to the most practiced. The idea of yoga trapeze is to suspend the body enough to use gravity to help the body realign itself. This can also help take away some of the body weight. Then the hammocks and 3 different length handles help to support and achieve the best stretch possible.

Aerial Trapeze Class isn't just all about the funky and fancy poses, but it is in fact great for people who aren't that great with balance. How many of you have attended a yoga class and can't barely keep up with standing on one leg, or let alone attempt to do a headstand pose and lift one leg up at least? Because you have the trapeze, it fixes your alignment to do the poses correctly. Because you have the trapeze, you are supported to lift that one leg up and attempt a headstand pose. Pretty neat right?!

Some benefits to trapeze yoga include:

  • Strengthens Muscles: While suspended in the air, it isn’t necessary to hold yourself up. This is an opportunity to tackle some more difficult muscles and work to strengthen.

  • Practice Inversions: The benefits to inversion are plenty. It betters the circulation in the body and calms the body. It can also help improve digestion. With inversions, you’re manipulating gravity to help the body realign itself.

  • Increased Stretches: Suspension enables students to feel the stretch in its entirety. Especially in backbends

. Backbends can be challenging for some as it can elicit anxiety. Still, when practicing, you’ll be able to perform similar poses. These poses will help you achieve similar results.

  • Improves Core: This one may seem obvious, but the core is working hard to balance the body in its suspension. This is a way to build the abdominal muscles and a more efficient way of engaging the core. Yoga trapeze helps to cut mundane exercises and replace them with some fun core workouts.

  • Reduces Discomfort: Gravity works for us, and sometimes against us. At least that’s what our hips and back tell us. Sometimes our bodies need extra support to hold us up and keep our spine aligned. Yoga trapeze has gained a lot of popularity because of its unique approach to help reduce back pain.

  • Increases Mood: In the movements where the body is hanging upside down. This helps send oxygen to the brain. As it contributes to releasing hormones that give off happier signals. Not to mention one of the most clear benefits during these workouts is having a good time!

You can check out our Aerial Trapeze Yoga classes on Thursday at 5:30 PM with Dana*. Class size is limited to 6 so sign up now!!!

A new Aerial Flow Class is coming 11 AM on Tuesdays with Vanessa* starting August 22nd!

Not ready for a class? a private or small group session with Dana to empower yourself and strengthen both mind and body!

*Dana is a 500 RYT and certified Yoga Trapeze® Teacher

*Vanessa is a 500 E-RYT, YACEP and Certified AeroYoga® Teacher

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