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Want to practice Yoga but don't know where to begin? Read these FAQ's then sign up for our FREE 30 Minute Yoga Consultation!

Isn’t yoga hard to do?

Absolutely not! Classes at Yoga By You allow you to be in charge. You decide how easy or challenging you want your yoga poses to be. Most classes at Yoga By You cater to all levels, shapes, sizes and ages.

I’ve never attended a yoga class before. Where do I start?

Schedule a free, private 30-minute yoga consultation or sign-up for a Yoga for EveryBODY class.

Do I need to sign up for class ahead of time?

It is not required, but is encouraged.

Signing up for a class beforehand is the best way for our teachers to better prepare the space for you.

What if I signed up but I'm running late for class or need to cancel?

If you have signed up and know you will be arriving after start time please call, leave a voicemail or text (850) 353-1767 so we may prepare for your arrival.


If you have signed up and cannot make it to class, let us know please call/text.

Doors are locked after class start time. 

What if I am out of shape?

No worries! You are in charge of how relaxing or strenuous you want your yoga practice to be. Instructors cue poses based on your ability or level and provide options that would be in your best interest.

I’m not flexible. Can I still do yoga?

Yes! You do not need to be flexible to begin practicing yoga. Consistently attending yoga almost always guarantees increased flexibility over time. 

What if I can't get up and down from the floor? 

We provide a variety of chairs, bolsters, blocks and offer the use of the wall to help you be as mobile, and as safe as possible. Feel free to contact us and discuss options available to you.

Will yoga conflict with my religion? 

No, yoga is not a religion. It is a non-dogmatic practice. It is a mind and body practice using physical postures, breathing and meditation. Focusing on mindfulness and relaxation to help reduce stress and anxiety by bringing your awareness into the present moment. 

What should I bring?

Most importantly, bring yourself! Mats and props are provided if you don’t have your own. However, feel free to bring a drink in a sealable container and a small towel. 

What time should I get there?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign in and set up your spot in class.

What do I do when I get there?

Once you enter the studio, there are cubbies to store your shoes and belongings. Be sure to turn off all electronics. Sign in at the front desk and you will be shown to the room where your class will be held. 

Am I allowed to talk? 

Yoga By You classes tend to be more casual. There is space for chatting, asking questions, and for silence. We want you to make lasting friendships and find support among members. Not only is Yoga By You a studio, but more importantly, it is a community that welcomes everyone!

What do I wear?

Arrive to class in your most comfortable and least restrictive clothing.


Gym clothes, leggings, sweatpants, a tank top or loose T-shirt are recommended.

Can I eat before class?

Yes! A small snack before class is perfectly fine. It’s best to wait an hour after eating a large meal before attending class. 

I don't have a babysitter, can my child come to class?

Yes! Children ages 8-17 may attend any class for just $10. We ask that they also observe general yoga studio etiquette to maintain a welcoming space for people of all ages. Not sure which class to start with your kiddo? Try Yoga for EveryBODY or Beginner's Self-Defense


Do you have a question not answered here? Contact us!

Call/Text (850) 353-1767 or email


General Yoga Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive early to sign in, find your spot in class, gather props and settle. 

  • Take off your shoes by the front door. 

  • Turn off all electronics.

  • Observe quiet during meditation and Savasana.

  • Return mat, props and other borrowed items to their place after class.

  • Leaving early? Please do so before Savasana. 

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